Providing Healthcare & Nutrition

Means longer, happier lives.



Patients Seen Per Year

Medical Missions

The founders of the organization are committed to medical missions. We have provided medical services in various countries like Burundi, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.

Ageno maintains a free medical clinic in Haiti, seeing over 8,000 patients per year, and teaches safety to the community.

June 2021

We regrettably had to close our free medical clinic in Haiti

We will resume travel and medical missions in 2023


Supplies sent to Clinic in Sandy Bay, Jamaica
Nutrition Donations sent to Kenya to assist in their programs

Feeding Those in Need

Providing staples to at risk families.



Ageno initially started by providing nutrition to a limited number of pregnant women and children on a monthly basis. We have since grown the program and continue to support at risk families.

Feeding Program

Ageno has since grown and expanded the feeding program and now donates monthly in nutrition. We distribute Millet, soymilk, sugar, general groceries, and meals to those who are in need.

Millet is a complex carbohydrate, rich in fiber and is a remarkable source of protein. It is also a good source of niacin, copper, and manganese and is used to make porridge in African countries.

2021 & 2022 Highlights:
Ageno Foundation continues to assist with Nutrition