Medical Clinic

Ageno-Haiti Medical Clinic offers free Primary Care services including medication.


Clinique Sur Appel de Delmas (CSAD), Haiti

The first medical team to Delmas arrived in August 2010. We provided desperately needed medical care to the tent cities that sprung up in the Port-au-Prince area because of the devastating earthquake that shook the capital city January 12 of that year. Over time we transitioned from visiting medical teams to create deeper roots and partner with the community. This gave birth to Clinique Sur Appel de Delmas. The clinic has a doctor, two nurses, and an administrator that serve the community Monday through Friday in a 5-hr session.

Today the clinic sees more than 6000 patients and fills over 20 000 prescriptions annually. Our patients continue to receive all services, that is, consultations, medications, and diagnostic tests at no cost. CSAD has become a practical expression of God’s love and faithfulness. Our patients see the clinic as a refuge where they are treated with respect and dignity. The continued political instability in Haiti and now the pandemic make it impossible to send teams as in days gone by. However, it has allowed the local staff to work even more closely together to serve their people. And we can continue to do our part by our financial support. Do not hesitate, donate today.